Elenco delle principali pubblicazioni e articoli di interesse per il Progetto.

E. Davarpanah, M. Armandia, S. Hernández, D. Fino, R. Arletti, S. Bensaid, M. Piumetti
CO2 capture on natural zeolite clinoptilolite: Effect of temperature and role of the adsorption sites
Journal of Environmental Management, Volume 275, 1 December 2020

Jonathan Filippi, Laura Rotundo, Roberto Gobetto, Hamish A. Miller, Carlo Nervi, Alessandro Lavacchi, Francesco Vizza,
Turning manganese into gold: Efficient electrochemical CO2 reduction by a fac-Mn(apbpy)(CO)3Br complex in a gas–liquid interface flow cell
Chemical Engineering Journal, Volume 416, 15 July 2021

Laura Rotundo, David C. Grills, Roberto Gobetto, Emanuele Priola, Carlo Nervi, Dmitry E. Polyansky, Etsuko Fujita
Photochemical CO2 Reduction Using Rhenium(I) Tricarbonyl Complexes with Bipyridyl‐Type Ligands with and without Second Coordination Sphere Effects
ChemPhotoChem 2021, 5

Rassegna stampa
Dimostrazione del funzionamento di un prototipo di selettore ottico, in grado di identificare e separare i diversi polimeri che si trovano nelle plastiche di scarto dal processo di compostaggio.
Partner: Gaia Spa e Entsorga

Arnodo, D., Ghinato, S., Nejrotti, S., Blangetti, M., Prandi, C.
Lateral lithiation in deep eutectic solvents: regioselective functionalization of substituted toluene derivatives
(2020) Chemical Communications, 56 (16), pp. 2391-2394.

Nejrotti, S., Iannicelli, M., Jamil, S.S., Arnodo, D., Blangetti, M., Prandi, C.
Natural deep eutectic solvents as an efficient and reusable active system for the Nazarov cyclization
(2020) Green Chemistry, 22 (1), pp. 110-117.

Ghinato, S., Dilauro, G., Perna, F.M., Capriati, V., Blangetti, M., Prandi, C.
Directed Ortho-metalation-nucleophilic acyl substitution strategies in deep eutectic solvents: The organolithium base dictates the chemoselectivity
(2019) Chemical Communications, 55 (54), pp. 7741-7744.

Morra, S., Valetti, F., Gilardi, G.
[FeFe]-hydrogenases as biocatalysts in bio-hydrogen production
(2017) Rendiconti Lincei, 28, pp. 183-194.

Morra, S., Arizzi, M., Valetti, F., Gilardi, G.
Oxygen Stability in the New [FeFe]-Hydrogenase from Clostridium beijerinckii SM10 (CbA5H)
(2016) Biochemistry, 55 (42), pp. 5897-5900.

Morra, S., Valetti, F., Sarasso, V., Castrignanò, S., Sadeghi, S.J., Gilardi, G.
Hydrogen production at high Faradaic efficiency by a bio-electrode based on TiO2 adsorption of a new [FeFe]-hydrogenase from Clostridium perfringens
(2015) Bioelectrochemistry, 106, pp. 258-262.

Valetti, F., Gilardi, G.
Improvement of biocatalysts for industrial and environmental purposes by saturation mutagenesis
(2013) Biomolecules, 3 (4), pp. 778-811.

Morra, S., Arizzi, M., Allegra, P., La Licata, B., Sagnelli, F., Zitella, P., Gilardi, G., Valetti, F.
Expression of different types of [FeFe]-hydrogenase genes in bacteria isolated from a population of a bio-hydrogen pilot-scale plant
(2014) International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 39 (17), pp. 9018-9027.

Polliotto, V., Morra, S., Livraghi, S., Valetti, F., Gilardi, G., Giamello, E.
Electron transfer and H2 evolution in hybrid systems based on [FeFe]-hydrogenase anchored on modified TiO2
(2016) International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 41 (25), pp. 10547-10556.

Morra, S., Maurelli, S., Chiesa, M., Mulder, D.W., Ratzloff, M.W., Giamello, E., King, P.W., Gilardi, G., Valetti, F.
The effect of a C298D mutation in CaHydA [FeFe]-hydrogenase: Insights into the protein-metal cluster interaction by EPR and FTIR spectroscopic investigation
(2016) Biochimica et Biophysica Acta – Bioenergetics, 1857 (1), pp. 98-106.

Arizzi, M., Morra, S., Pugliese, M., Gullino, M.L., Gilardi, G., Valetti, F.
Biohydrogen and biomethane production sustained by untreated matrices and alternative application of compost waste
(2016) Waste Management, 56, pp. 151-157.

Mario Milanese, Ilario Gerlero and Stefano Mosca; Carlo Novara; Giuseppe Conte, Maurizio Cisternino, Carmen Pedicini, and Vincenzo Alfieri
Nonlinear MIMO Data-Driven Control Design for the Air and Charging Systems of Diesel Engines
Conference paper: 12th International Conference on Engines & Vehicles, September 2015

Carlo Novara, Mario Milanese, Eilyan Bitar and Kameshwar Poolla
The filter design from data (FD2) problem: parametric-statistical approach

Ivanchenko, J. M. Delgado-Lopez, J. Gomez-Morales, A. tampieri, G. Martra, Y. Sakhno
On the surface effects of citrates on nano-apatites: evidence of a decreased hydrophilicity
(2017) Scientific Reports, 8901 ; doi: DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-09376-x

Catalano, P. Ivanchenko, E. Rebba, Y. Sakhno, G. Alberto, G. Dovbesko, G. Martra
Towards the control of the biological identity of nanomaterials: Impact of the structure of (010) surface terminations of nanohydroxyapatites on the conformation of adsorbed proteins 
(2020) Colloids Surf. B, 188,  110780 ; doi:10.1016/j.colsurfb.2020.110780

Pizzolitto, E. Ghedini, F. Menegazzo, M. Signoretto, A. Giordana, G. Cerrato, G. Cruciani
Effect of grafting solvent in the optimisation of Sba-15 acidity for levulinic acid production
Catalysis Today, 354 (2020) 183-189; doi: 10.1016/j.cattod.2019.11.012

Davarpanah, M. Armandia, S.Hernández, D.Fino, R.Arletti, S.Bensaid, M.Piumetti
CO2 capture on natural zeolite clinoptilolite: Effect of temperature and role of the adsorption sites
Journal of Environmental Management Volume 275, 1 December 2020, 111229